Why Are More People Opting For Private Dental Care?

In the last 3 years, public health care has seen the worst levels of strain and inconsistency than ever experienced before. With so little attention and funding given to public dental practices, much of the public has avoided or been turned away from the facilities for regular checkups. With this, many more people are now visiting private dental clinics as a means to maintain their oral health and avoid the waiting lists of public health care facilities.

If you or your loved ones have avoided visiting your public dental practice for any reason, chances are you will benefit from switching over to a private dental practice. In this blog, we will share exactly why so many people are avoiding the NHS dental clinics and the benefits of visiting a public dental clinic instead. Take a look at the following suggestions:

NHS Practices are shutting down

First things first, many NHS dental practices have closed down in the last year. Due to a cutback and lack of funding for these facilities, they have had no choice but to close down for good. This has left many people without a public dental practice within the proximity of their homes. Despite this, many patients have found much better luck opting for private dental care, with the opportunity to be seen in state-of-the-art facilities, and with dentists who love the work that they do. Dentists in Milton Keynes are a great example of just how advanced a private dental practice can be.

No waiting lists for private appointments

Another reason why many people have swapped over to private dental care is because they have significantly reduced the waiting time that they may have previously experienced. Private dentists avoid the need for months-long waiting lists for patients to be seen. Instead, they always have time and an organized schedule to ensure all of their patient’s needs are met, especially when there is a medical emergency.

A wider range of treatments available

Private dentists offer more than simple dental check-ups and hygienist appointments. Often, dentists in Solihull combine traditional dentistry with cosmetics, meaning you have the option for treatments such as teeth whitening and Invisalign. These are very sought-after treatments, and it makes it worthwhile when you know your dentist is also prioritizing your oral health.

Payment plans available

The worry of affording private dental care may be a concern, but so many facilities now offer affordable payment plans to split your payments into multiple instalments. Not only that, you might also expect bundle discounts when you sign up for a dental plan, for example, you might receive free teeth whitening with a yearly checkup.

Flexibility for appointments

If life gets in the way and you need to cancel an appointment, your private dentist will not have to leave you on a waiting list for another 6 months. You will have the option to flexibly manage your appointments, meaning you can simply reschedule should your plans change.

Bottom line

There are so many great benefits to choosing a private dental practice. Make sure you do your research for the best one in your area, and opt-in for loyalty schemes to get discounts on appointments!

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